Sunday, 21 June 2015

U2 Spy Plane In "Unusual Incident"

One of the things that never ceases to stagger me about the UFO issue is the sheer quantity of governmental material that has been generated because of it. Its now been 70 years worth. For a subject that is, supposedly, mere fantasy, there seems to be no limit, no slowing down even, to the discovery of unseen, unappraised, once classified documentation pouring in from a growing assortment of sources. If one knows what they are looking for (which is half the battle) they can pretty much be sure to discover something that they, and no one else often, have ever seen before. This may sound baffling to a person who has never tried. The notion that so-called “UFO files” (a term that gets thrown around too loosely, too often) can be simply weeded out of official sources whenever one feels like it, seems implausible, right? Well, to my daily and nightly amazement, it’s not. I recently stumbled upon a couple of large databases of American military and intelligence publications at the site that have been wholly, or at least partially, declassified by their “originating agency”, or, more formally, their “Office of Primary Responsibility” (OPR). Now, for those interested, and most people sadly are not, any file created by any Directorate, Major Command, Field Agency, Fleet, Component or whatever, within any branch of the US Department of Defence (Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines), is “owned”, or “promulgated”, by that organisation, or its successors, for eternity; and, in the case of the lists I am going through now, we are spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of files from seemingly every major component of the whole US DoD represented. 

One I came across is a modestly laid out 9 page document which lists various important events and milestones of the US Air Force’s 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing for the year 1982. Titled “CHRONOLOGY 1982 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing”, the document is a loose tabulated list with dates on the left-hand side of the page, and events in the main middle-to-right-hand side. Typical entries include things like “5 Mar  The 9th and 100th Wings participated in a joint Short Sprint readiness exercise” and “16 April The Joint Chiefs of Staff decided to continue Operating Location – OF at Patrick AFB, Florida indefinitely”. Important stuff most would agree, no? What then do we make of this entry on page 7 which states:

“9 Oct   A detachment 4 U-2 on a higher headquarters mission experienced an unusual incident”.

What is meant by “unusual incident” is unclear. Such phrasing is usually a euphemism for an event that higher headquarters would prefer not to be known. How many options for this are there for a U-2 in flight? A mechanical issue would likely be stated as such. It is possible that the aircraft experienced a missile attack from the air or ground, again something likely to be stated as such in an internal document. Could there have been a UFO sighted, surely an unusual incident? UFO incidents have been known to be described in unit histories as "unusual incidents", not unlike this Chronology. Maybe someday this event will be better known. Below is an image of the page in question.

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