Thursday, 17 December 2015

Found Or Forgotten? Not So Fast

Recently I published a blog post titled “Found Or Forgotten? An Impressive UFO Case File From The CIA, And A Little Help From A New Friend”, which can be found here:

In it, I eluded to the possibility that I had discovered a UFO case report that had been only recently declassified, or, otherwise unseen by researchers. I also stated that the only substantial reference to the case I could find was in Loren E. Gross’s outstanding series “UFOs: A HISTORY”. However, this time I have been incorrect. Researcher Brad Sparks pointed to a range of other outlets that have detailed this case, including further copies of the actual documents I “discovered”. This is UFO research at its best. It we aren’t pulling each other up for things, we aren’t doing our jobs.

Firstly, this case material was in fact released in 1978 when Ground Saucer Watch (GSW) successfully compelled the CIA to release over 900 pages of UFO records after somewhat drawn-out Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and a law suit. Secondly, copies of the CIA file that I highlighted can be found in the USAF’s Project Blue Book case files, and, unlike the CIA version, they are not redacted! Also, the case and documentation appears in Carl Feindt’s Water UFO Catalog. Don Ledger sent him the CIA released copy and Feindt retyped what he could read of it. It should be noted that the redacted sections in the CIA version, now in full view, contain the names of those involved, as well as security warnings, reliability of information grading’s, and other administrative jargon. Probably the most important item now fully readable  is where – in the CIA version – it is stated “Officers...........who reported the following observations at 10:00 am EDT on 4 Aug 50 at 39° 35’ North, 72° 24 ½ West” in fact reads fully “Officers of M-V ‘Marcala’, owned by the Savannah Steamship Company, Jacksonville, Florida who reported the following observations at 10:00 am EDT on 4 Aug 50 at 39° 35’ North, 72° 24 ½ West”. Below are copies of the full documents, found in Project Blue Book files.

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