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Project Moon Dust And The 1127th Field Activities Group

More Unseen Records?           

When going through hundreds of old United States Air Force (USAF) records at I found a record titled “History of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence: July – December 1967”. This is not the first time I have found records this way. See this post for another example of what can be found at if one makes the effort. Anyway, the above mentioned record seems to only include the functions and responsibilities of the 1127th Field Activities Group (FAG). It starts off at Page 46. For those readers who don’t know, the 1127th FAG, historically, relates to the USAF’s painful reaction to the UFO issue. The organisation started out its shadowy life as the 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron (AISS) in January 1953, when Air Defence Command Regulation 24-4 created it for a wartime mission of exploiting downed enemy people, papers, and hardware. In March 1953, the decision was made to use the 4602nd AISS in UFO investigations and, by the end of December 1953, a working agreement existed between the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) and the new 4602nd AISS. In fact, all UFO reports were to go through the 4602d AISS prior to any transmission to Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base – Project Blue Book being the publicly admitted UFO “investigative” desk, if you can call what they did as “investigations” that is. Anyway, in July 1957 the 4602nd, became the 1006th AISS, then in April 1960, it was reorganised as the 1127th FAG! Furthermore, through the years, these organisations ran the infamous “Project Moon Dust”, which many of you will know of. For those that do not, put simply, the original mission of Project Moon Dust, as stated by US Air Force Message #54322, dated December 23, 1957, was to “to collect and analyze raw intelligence reports from the field on fallen space debris and objects of unknown origin”.

Now, in regards to the publication I am discussing here, some half way through the document, we see the sub-heading “MOON DUST”. It goes on to read:

“Secret/No Foreign Dissem)  During the last half of 1967, the Operations Plans Branch (AFNIAAB) received from the 1st Aerospace Control Squadron (SPADATS) at Ent AFB, Colorado, notifications of the deorbit of 49 Soviet space objects (rocket bodies, payloads and space platforms), and of 17 US space objects considered to be of special importance.”

Below is an image of the page in question.

On the next page, a further 6 lines of text have been completely redacted, or, “blacked out”, by USAF declassification review authorities. The act of redacting certain lines of text, or even whole pages, is done when dedicated records management units review any wholly classified material. Such redactions are done under the guise of one or more of the the specific exemptions allowed which relate to national security. Considering the publication I am presenting here is from 1967, and we are now in 2015, one really wonders if such actions are even remotely necessary. Not all is lost though, for this special portion of the document goes on to finally say:

“Inspection by US authorities was precluded by the strained diplomatic relations which have resulted from the Arab/Israeli conflict, but AFNLAAB has received a report that a mission composed of 13 Soviet scientists and technicians did examine the object in October, 1967. No further details are available.”

Below is an image of this page.

Looking at the bigger picture, the only thing these obscure publications really prove is that there is more UFO-related, governmental (usually of military providence) record to be found. There must be dozens of under-utilised archives that contain significant, at least historically, material. None of this of course will solve the UFO matter. It will, however, fill in little parts of history, and, sometimes, lead us to more discoveries. 

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